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Hopefully the plumber we like will have an opening early next week. I… - Transitioning into liminal space [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 7th, 2017|04:50 pm]
Transitioning into liminal space
[State of Being |hopefulhopeful]

Hopefully the plumber we like will have an opening early next week. I spent three-hours-plus snaking the bathroom drains yesterday, but to no avail. The clog seems to be further down the line than the nice powered Ryobi snake will go. It adds insult to injury that, because the tub isn't draining, I can't take a nice thorough shower to clean up. Home ownership!

There were a good number of volunteers at the shelter on Thursday, and it was so cold out that the dogs I walked with really didn't want to go around the whole park. I had some extra time, so I snuggled with a couple of them in their kennels, and then spend a good fifteen or twenty minutes brushing a big, bouncy Black Lab named Jessie. restoman, didn't you have a lab named Jessie? I've still never found a dog at the shelter who pulls as much as Lilly does! The shift leaders at the shelter have taken a class in how to use a prong collar for really difficult dogs and it made me think that maybe you'd be able to walk Lilly reasonably with one of those. I don't know how to use one properly and safely though, so I guess we'd have to look into it. But maybe it would give you a chance to do more with her? I keep thinking of you two and wishing I could help her calm down more.

Anyway, I finally got some work done on my winter bike today. I walked to the nearby bike store for a new cable to replace the rust-frozen one, adjusted and oiled things, and calibrated the shifter. Then I installed the rainbow unicorn bell that Danae bought me to match my helmet; cute! While working, I noticed that my metal-studded winter tires were made in Finland; I feel even better about them now. And finally I installed the bike computer I bought during an Aldi Summer clearance months back. With that done, and having located all my winter gear, I look forward to biking to the shelter next week instead of driving!

[User Picture]From: cmcmck
2017-01-08 01:14 pm (UTC)
Our problems are with the electrics!
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[User Picture]From: stormdog
2017-01-10 02:53 am (UTC)
I think I'd rather deal with electrics. I feel a bit more competent with them, and they're less icky. Best luck with your home's issues!
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