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I haven't mucked with network settings for a long time, but the… - Transitioning into liminal space [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Transitioning into liminal space

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[Feb. 4th, 2017|10:26 pm]
Transitioning into liminal space
[State of Being |geekygeeky]

I haven't mucked with network settings for a long time, but the wireless here has been flaky for a long time and I decided to do something about it. During a few thrift store trips, I picked up two old wireless routers and scavenged power supplies for them (total cost around $10). Tonight I spent a while getting one of the new ones set up behind our existing router. I gave it static IP info, had it connect to Google's public DNS servers for name resolution, and put it in the first router's DMZ. Seems to be working well so far on our housemate's Chromebook. If it's better than the old one, I'll decommission the old network and transfer everything to the new one. I may also try reconfiguring the second router as a simple AP instead; that seems like it might be more reliable, but I wasn't sure at first if it was doable. Of course, I found a write-up after finishing it the first way.

I also recently managed to pick up a 4-port 1000-base switch (for $3; yay thrift stores!) for the entertainment center so we can get both my Xbox and the computer on hard-wired connections, as well as whatever else might end up in that area eventually. I don't particularly miss working in IT, but I can still get myself to puzzle through this stuff when it's helpful to.

One Goodwill I was at recently had a box of vacuum tubes. Vacuum tubes! Or, RCA electron tubes, as the box said. In their original box of 8! Where do they get these things?! No idea what they were for, but they were neat to look at.

Also, Danae says she loves it when I'm singing as I work in the kitchen. It's like, she says, "having her own Disney-princess houseboy!"

[User Picture]From: basefinder
2017-02-05 05:24 pm (UTC)
From my many trips to the donation side of the thrift store, I wouldn't be surprised at anything I saw inside on the shelves.

Debbie likes it when I cook for her or help in the kitchen but I haven't tried singing. I probably shouldn't!
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